Outfit of the Day: False Salute

Friday, January 11

Hi all! :) So I've been kinda slacking with the updates lately, and I'm terribly sorry for all of that. School has been kind of a bitch lately so I've been a little stressed....However I did have time to take pictures of my outfits that I've been wearing lately. And I wanted to share this particular one with you because it is something that I would never wear yet once I put it on I completely fell in love with it!!!! See my entire outfit consists of pieces that my mother picked out for me, which is surprising because my mom has somewhat of a conservative style in terms of clothing!!! 

The hat was something I picked up in Urban just because I was bored at work ( lol), the shirt my mom picked out at Boyd's Philadelphia which is way expensive!!!!!! The suit my mom picked out while we were in San Diego at Barney's, however it was too big, but I got it on sale later on at home, and the boots my mom picked out and a visit to Soho. I have to say I love how it came together and I am so thankful for my mother!!!

Urban Outfitters Beanie, Marc by Marc Jacobs Suit, Paul Smith Polka Dot Button-Up, Jump Shoes Brown Combat Boots

If you like the look hype it on Lookbook and just between us, the look name came from one of my favorite video games, Tekken!! Hahaha
With Love,
TaeHyeon <3


  1. I love your blazer!

    Kisses, Lucy :)



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