TIps for Winter Dressing

Sunday, January 13

So, now the party season is now over and we are back to the daily grind but in colder weather, we will have to retire some of the party outfits and bring out the layers.

So personally winter is always affiliated with big jackets but who wants to sacrifice style for warmth? Well most certainly not me. Let's start with the ladies.

For the Ladies:

First things, first you can absolutely wear skirts and/or leggings into the colder months. To keep yourself warm simply add tights, multiple pairs at that.  You can still look fabulous without freezing.

Skip the humongous puffer jacket, unless it has a slender silhouette like the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M down coat. Try a green anorak over a chunky sweater and flannel. You'll still feel cute while wearing pieces that still look stylish.

Don't skip on gloves, although they might feel restrictive they will help you. Besides gloves are so awesome these days! Leather driving gloves, with studs, leather ones that reach to the elbow, and mittens that unfold to fingerless ones.

Don't be afraid of the fur. Fur is so incredibly warm. I guarantee that if you put on a fur you'll feel like it isn't even the winter time.

For the Fellows:

For us guys, we should definitely invest in good hats. There are multiple styles for us to choose from! A beanie, a fedora, a trapper. They will always look nice.

Add a scarf, infinity or classic. Either one looks good. One that hangs down looks great with a classic button up and chinos, circle scarves look great with denim jackets and colored jeans.

Anoraks for guys work the same as for the ladies. Chunky cardigans and flannels keep the look rugged.

Break out the boot socks and the combat boots! Both will keep your feet warm

Try these pieces and I'm sure you'll love them. You will be stylish and still look appropriately dressed for the winter! :)

With Love,
TaeHyeon <3


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