Weekly Wanting #1: Unif Shredder Pack

Thursday, February 7

Alright so a new addition to the blog!! I want to do a weekly blog about items I see and that I want to buy for the week. Just between us. So each week I will pick an item that I am dying to have and will do a mini post on it.

For the very first week, we have an item I've been dying for. It's the Shredder Pack from Unif. I absolutely freaking die for black, leather, spikes, and backpacks. Having it all in one is simply glorious. Unif is the definition of grunge and this backpack is so me.

At the moment it's out of stock but when they restock I will be the first to buy it, that is if I have the funds. $259USD is no laughing matter. Ah, well fashion before food.
With Love,
Tae Hyeon <33


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