Weekly Wanting # 3 Buffalo x Solestruck Platforms

Friday, March 22

Images courtesy of Solestruck.com

The Weekly Wanting continues into it's third week with a pair of shoes. This week I have been dying for a pair of platform trainers. I honestly cannot comprehend why. Perhaps it is due to my reintroduction to the Spice girls or the fact that I love grunge (which platforms were a big part of). 

Now I ordered a pair of custom 12.5 cm platforms from a website called Maxstarstore.com but I've seen two other pairs that I want even more than my converse!!!!!!!

The first pair is from Solestruck.com, which is by far my favorite shoe store. They are a new collaboration between Buffalo (which is the platform brand of the 90s) and Solestruck themselves. They've invented fun and youthful shoes. The pair I've picked are so quirky. The black and white polka dots are totally fun the velcro closure is awesome and the platform is a whopping four inches which I love!!!!! They come in at a whopping 259.95 but that is only 30USD more than I paid for the Converse.

The other pair are also from the Buffalo x Solestruck collection and these are also totally awesome. This pair is totally on trend right now coming in a cool metallic gunmetal color. They are a low-top version of the first pair and are sans velcro which is totally okay because the color is totally sick!!!! These are also 4 inches and I know with these I will stand tall!!!

Well until next week! Take care! Let me know what you guys are loving for the week!! :)

With Love, 
Tae Hyeon <3


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