Technology Made Wearable: Google X Levi Strauss

Wednesday, September 7

In an age where smart phones just keep getting smarter, new ways to bring smart technology to people are being brainstormed. Most products like smart phones and computers are being miniaturized and personalized. But, just how much more personal can these products get? Google and Levi Strauss & Co. seem to think that there are newer untapped alternatives. The pair have teamed up to prototype smart fashions, Project Jacquard.

The two want to create wearable technology that essentially operates similarly to/takes the place of cell phones. Because clothing is an essential part of our daily lives and they believe that by adding technology into these garments that they can improve our experience. Although the project is still green, both agree that they want to have the technology integrated in the fibers, and want to make the pieces as wearable as possible so as to appeal to not limit the potential customers. 

Google's never-ending ambition never ceases to amaze me. The company always places itself at the forefront of new and innovative projects. While I find this attitude refreshing, I cannot help but feel a little skeptical about the entirety of Project Jacquard. Like the Google Car and many other of Google's innovative project, I have little belief that this project is something that will see the light of day. I believe it's merely something that Google will work on, and enjoy, but that we the public may not get. Honestly, that is okay, the average person is slow to adapt to radical technological advances and Smart Clothing; that is fully functional is definitely a long way from being released. 

Most of us are satisfied with our phones and probably will continue to be for some time. I'm not opposed to Project Jacquard, but, for the time being I do not mind being a skeptic. 


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