Nike: From Function to Fashion

Wednesday, August 31

Image Source: Hypebeast
Nike continues to be the forerunner in performance footwear . The company celebrated Flyknit's fourth birthday as the style was released back in 2012. The Nike Flyknit has been revolutionary to the athletic footwear game with it's seamless, smart knit upper which contains the comfortability of a sock. Paying close heed to the desires of runners, Nike created the lightest and most comfortable sneaker, weighing about 160 grams on average. I know this engineering miracle has reduced the cost to produce these sneakers.

Beyond the fact that the shoe was designed to be the lightest weight sneaker for marathon runners, fashion die-hards are attracted to the aesthetics of the shoe. This. Shoe. Is. Gorgeous. I for one have an obsession with knitwear. I can wear a sweater on every part of my body; now my feet are also able to take part in the fun. 

Image Source: Hypebeast

Boasting over eight different styles, each shoe boasts a beautifully blended gradient color scheme. Neon colors look that much more amazing when blended into a heather.

Many fashionistas have integrated Flyknits into their daily wardrobe. While usually worn in the gym, these sneakers are making their way into street style staples. Worn with leggings and stylish outerwear or even elevated with a sweater and jeans. Styling options are endless.

Nike Flyknit technology has revolutionized the production of sneakers. Using looms to make sneakers had not been done before. These shoes are smart and functional. These shoes will enhance your performance and enhance your wardrobe.

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