Debate: Men in Womenswear

Tuesday, January 15

So this debate has been going on for quite a while in the fashion industry. As women have continuously borrowed from men in the past in order to develop bountiful and chic wardrobes, the question has been raised; Why can't men borrow from a women's wardrobe? Menswear has largely remained the same for the last 60 years, with a shift in the dimension of certain garments or the textile has changed. Doesn't this get borrowing? Why don't we try taking elements from a women's collection so that a man's wardrobe can be more dynamic?

Some things that I think guys can try to liven up their wardrobe, border on the edge of feminine while still retaining their masculinity.


This way your legs are still completely covered, but if you want you can try fun prints to liven it up or even layer them under shorts for a more unique look.


It's about time we take inspiration from our Scottish brothers. Layer them over pants and keep them dark and monochromatic so that you won't feel as though you're wearing a skirt.

Sheer Shirts

This is actually very sexy when the shirt is collared and paired with a suit or tucked into chinos. Avoid t-shirts so it doesn't feel like you're going to a club. 

Shorter Hemlines

Men used to wear shorts this length. I personally think it looks very sexy and besides, a flash of the male thigh is quite nice and unexpected.

Unusual Textiles

This blazer doesn't feel girly because even though it's sequined and shiny, the silhouette is still masculine. This blazer is perfect for parties and it will catch a lot of attention from the ladies.

Not saying I expect this to happen overnight or for anyone to really take this seriously because transitioning menswear is going to be a lengthy process just like it was with womenswear but I have high hopes. These are just a few suggestions that I hope someone might be wiling to listen to. Let me know what you think below, I'd really appreciate it :)

With Love,
TaeHyeon <3



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