Our Day in Chinatown

Thursday, July 11

Yesterday I had the best day I've had in a really long time! I went on an impromptu visit to Philadelphia with three of my very best friends. It was so last minute and I had been running errands previously so I didn't have time to get as dressed up as I would have liked, but regardless we had such a good time.

My good friend Chang is interning for an interior design studio in Philly this summer so she doesn't get the chance to come home so often. So her sister and my good friend, Joyce, decided it would be a good idea to go up and pay her a visit and spend some time with her. So Joyce, Bethanie and I all decided to go see her.

 We headed to Philly, picked her up and went to Chinatown to hang out. Chang really wanted to go Yakitori Boy for dinner and I have to admit it was the most amazing Japanese food I've had yet. Yakitori Boy is an elegant Izakaya with great mood lighting and phenomenal sushi. Afterwards I wanted to walk off the dinner and make room for bubble tea (because you can't go to Chinatown and not have it) so we took a leisurely stroll through the Chinatown Arch, explored a new consignment shop and even stopped into a Hello Kitty Gift Shop. I really wanted to get something!!!

To end our visit we stopped at Tea-Do and got some bubble tea. I got Coconut Milk Tea and Bethanie got Japanese Green Tea. These kinds of days are really the best. It's been so long since we've been able to hang out like this, that even just the simple things were so exciting!!



At dinner:

Chang and I:

After Dinner:

Bubble Tea:

Our friend Min:

I hope karaoke with everyone will be just as exciting!!!

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. You changed up your blog. It looks amazing!! I can't get over it. The food looks awesome now I want a midnight snack. Love the sailor suit.

    1. I'm glad you like it!! It cost me :/ hahah. Yeah everything was super delicious and I had a freaking great time!



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