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Monday, April 1

Hats have been a huge part of the 90s comeback and I have to say that it has been something I've been able to get on board with. Before I never really wore hats because they personally didn't fit my personal style but now I have evolved and have found some hats that really suit me.

Photo Source: Paislee

The top two are from the brand Paislee. I saw them in a shoe boutique in Philadelphia and was instantly captivated. They retail at about $150 but I think they are well worth the cost. Just think how awesome these suckers will be when they are considered vintage

Photo Source: LeGrande Heirs

This guy is gorgeous! Black quilted leather with a gilded Chanel inspired pin, what could be better in a hat. This one goes for about $100.

Photo Source: Hellz Bellz

This hat is made by Hellz Bellz which is another of the awesome street brands out. Studs and black are my favorite combination.

Photo Source: Kitson

This one just makes me laugh. Get it for $48.

I don't know I think I might have to get one of these hats! They are too fun to miss out on. Let me know what hats you guys have been liking lately!


Tae Hyeon <3


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