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Monday, April 1

Photo Source: Acolyth Blog
Sasu Kauppi designer

Tumblr has become my new best friend. It really has helped me with keeping up to date with the fashion world and has helped discover new and glorious things. This time tumblr has brought me to the most amazing street brand Sasu Kauppi. The company is based in Finland and for A/W 2013 it took an androgynous approach to its looks which made me salivate for it! Unfortunately I couldn't find out much about the brand but it is something I would really love to get my hands on. All that I know so far is that the designer studied at Central St. Martins, studied menswear and that the company is based in Helinski, Finland. Take a look at the latest collection:

Photo Source: Sasu Kauppi

I found the collection really refreshing and playful!! It was really something I could see myself wearing, especially the all white look with the cap! Monochromatic is such my thing! Anyway check out their website and follow them on twitter @SasuKauppi.

With Love,

Tae Hyeon <3


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