On a Rainy Day!

Friday, April 12

On a rainy Day!

Photo Source: My Polyvore

On a gross and rainy day like today, one definitely needs something to make the day a little bit brighter. For me having an outfit that makes a statement always makes the rain a little bit more bearable. Before it used to be quite difficult to find pieces that really were stylish while still maintaing functionality but that is a worry long gone. Fashion has met practicality!

For all prices and locations of where to buy the items head to my Polyvore account! You might even find some pieces for the rind that you love even more. With that, enjoy the rain guys!!

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. Replies
    1. They make me happy! I think a woman would be amazing in these when it's raining!

  2. I feel really positive about this

    1. I could see you in the coat to be honest :)



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