When Fashion and Video Games Collide

Wednesday, May 1

Photos Courtesy of Max Pearmain

This post is actually quite dated but I really liked it so I had to post it! Due to my sudden interest in my video game consoles I've been looking into them quite a lot recently. This has lead me to discover that both my love for video games and fashion can coexist. Thanks to international men's fashion magazine Arena Homme +, I am able to see the hotties from Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I was one of those that did appreciate final fantasy thirteen) modeling some looks from Prada. Of course this happened back in 2012 but I still loved it nonetheless! Take a look at the rest of the photos!

I loved seeing Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Hope and Noel in clothes that I could actually get my hands on!!  I seriously loved it! What do you guys think?

With Love,
Tristian <3



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