Why Transparency is Key

Tuesday, October 18

Apparel companies are starting to find an issue with their consumers. To meet with increasing 
consumer demand apparel companies have outsourced labor and become increasingly quiet about their operations. With the rise of social media and social justice warriors people want to know about what they're buying and from who they're purchasing from. 

Some companies are trying to up the CSR, but that comes at a literal cost to the consumer. They've become so dependent upon cheap foreign labor and really do not want to incur the cost of ethical labor. 

That is why a company like Everlane is refreshing. A company that makes a consumer feel like they are making an informed purchase. Something that a person could never. Ever. Do. At least, not under ordinary circumstances. With each product having a breakdown of the cost and having pretty moderate pricing for each product category. Even if Everlane is being dishonest, just the fact it lets the consumer feel as if they are making an informed decision is absolutely radical. 

The company is setting a new precedent for apparel companies. It puts pressure on any other company because whether they like it or not, consumers are demanding transparency with their products. It is only a matter of time before everyone is forced to upgrade.


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