What People Want: Wearable Tech

Wednesday, October 26

I felt like just yesterday that I was reading about a collaboration between Flex and MAS to create a new line of wearable technology. Now, today I read that its brand is growing so rapidly they are expanding their manufacturing to increase with ever growing demand. 

This major development marks a change in not only consumer behaviour. The demand for technology and new applications of technology is sharply rising, these companies must keep up. Newer applications of technology are applied to clothing to make wearable technology. Flex is at the forefront of this trend. Not only did it design a line with MAS but a statement from the representative said the company is moving onto shoes, glasses and so much more.

Wearable technology also means that there will be less competition between the fashion and technology. Since the two are merging. Now Apple watches, Levi's x Google jackets, self-heating jackets and more. The future is but just around the corner. 


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