It's Christmas! The Treasure Vault pt. 1

Wednesday, December 26

So as you know, just yesterday was Christmas!! And Christmas is such a wonderful time I just wanted to share with you what I received. I have to admit I was so very surprised with what I got! I asked for shoes and a camera and I didn't quite get that but here take a look!

So I got the JYP x Monster Cable Diamond Tears Headphones that I have wanted for soo long! They were released so long ago and I had been trying to get them since the summer! I had given up hope because it seemed like they would never be released! When i got such a huge box I thought maybe it was shoes....but no! It was the headphones that I had wanted for soo long! Noise canceling, with clarity that I've never experienced before, and they're pretty.... <3 I am so happy!

Please, if you get a chance share with me what you got for Christmas I'd love to know! :D
With Love,
TaeHyeon <3


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