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Wednesday, January 2

thankful 2012

Now that 2012 has come to end I feel as though I should reminisce about the all of the great things that 2012 has brought me. For me 2012 was a great year and for me I broadened my fashion horizons thanks to a year that brought awesome changes!

1. Azealia Banks

Newbie rapper! Azealia Banks is a breath of fresh of air to the rap game. Not only does she have a silver tongue and quick raps but she also has a very distinct fashion sense. You'll see Azealia in everything from '90s grunge to designs from Nichola Formichetti. She's even so loved by designers like Alexander Wang and has been featured in an ASOS campaign. I love Young Rapunxel!

2. Camouflage

I'm surprised how quickly I took to this trend considering a few years back I threw out my old camo pants and swore to never wear them ever again! However I have been known to reconsider and I have to say I love oversized camo jackets paired with skinny leather pants and Dr. Martens! Camo looks better than ever.

3. Sherlock by Shinee

This album was the first physical Korean I had ever bought. I bought it from a mall in K-town and I felt so daebak (^+^) I love the fashion of K-pop and Shinee is one of my favorite bands. The photobook was particularly colorful and I felt encouraged to experiment with color combinations. I have to say my sense of color has drastically improved.

4. Pastel Colored Locks

This by far was my favorite trend of 2012, and one that I quickly participated in ( I dyed my hair the same color as T.O.P. from Big Bang and then dyed my hair white with cotton candy stripes on either side of my head). I was and still am so in love with Easter colored hair! It is so much fun and much easier to look at than the standard Manic Panic Colors. Thank you so much :)

5. Bloglovin'

This website has been wonderful to me since I discovered it two months ago. It makes it so easy to follow my favorite blogs because my Mac's reading list was getting really full! I have also posted my own blog on there to make it easier for everyone as well! You can follow me

6. The Re-introduction of Grunge

This was another trend that 2012 brought that I wasn't super excited to see! I really looked back at the '90s and thought it was awful. Growing up I vowed to never ever relive the '90s. However, as I've been looking at the runways and have been shopping around, I've fallen in love with grunge! Flannels, oversized, combat was always within me and now I'm letting it shine! Thank you for bringing back grunge!

7. Baroque Print

As a person that loves Italian culture, the baroque print was right up my alley. It's so gorgeous and it's like art that you can wear. On top of that baroque makes everything look much more luxurious! 

8. The Re-introduction of Platforms

This is probably the manifestation of my long-term desire to be a Spice Girl. Platforms are just so edgy and they are so refreshing. Finally a break from flats or stilettos, lets have something that gives us height but is a little easier to walk in. Welcome back Spice children! <3

Well this is my list for 2012. What about you guys, what are your favorites from 2012, if you'd like, let me know down below :)

With Love,
TaeHyeon <3


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