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Friday, June 28

Skinny jeans and modern day cell phones don't mix. This I'm telling you is from experience. Since 2008 (my god that's a long time) I've been rocking skinnies in every color and textile and every time I've had to shove my phone and any other items into the pockets. It's totally obvious that I've got a pocket full of stuff! Well I've decided to invest in a good bag; it's really about time.

I've selected a few different styles but the problem is really narrowing down which one is really going to be best for me. The two big important factors are size and style. I want a bag that's not enormous but will still make a statement when I'm carrying it. I also have to consider that I need something to fit my new camera. The decision is so difficult!

The first bag is from Coach. It's definitely the most classic and practical of the three. It's lightweight, with a combination of leather and suede. It retails for $348 but I think it's totally worth it knowing the quality that Coach always provides. This is by far the most practical!

The second bag is from Nasty Gal. This one is a clear backpack with a holographic finish. Now this one definitely is very cool and edgy and indeed spacious enough to fit all of my things including my camera. However this one is very flashy. This trendy pack goes for $140.

The last bag and my personal favorite is an MCM. It's a mini version of the one that I have currently. I love anything MCM so this is a given. It's really small probably enough room for a few small things but definitely not a camera. This looks cool but for me is probably the least practical! Retails for $660.

You guys have to help me make a decision, I can't decide! If you have some time let me know below what you think is the best!

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. Mmm. Decisions, decisions.
    You're right about the coach bag, it's practical and nice. But to me it's only nice, not enough of a statement.
    I am very biased towards Nasty Gal, but that bag is perfect. It's loud and proud, in a good way. It even fits your camera and the price! :)
    The last one, is great I love the color. But like you said it won't fit your camera and it's more expensive than both of the other bags combined.
    Hope this helped! :)

    1. That did help quite a lot my dear! I appreciate the input! I think it will definitely help me come decision making time! Thank you :)



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