Neon Signs

Saturday, June 29

Fashion is ever changing. Every season is a little different and a person has to change their fashion as well to keep an edge. Today's look definitely was a huge change for me and I'm glad I took the risk because everything in the end came out wonderfully. I guess not being afraid to take risks is just as important as knowing what coordinates.

Today's look was a look that had suddenly popped in my head the night before. I pictured neon paired with stripes and knew that I had the right pieces to make it work. Neon has been a resurgent trend and personally I love rave culture so I embrace it fully. Stripes, have remained a trend for a few seasons now and my striped pants are one of my favorite pieces. Together they would make a bold statement, but I was unsure if it would come together nicely.

I think I hit a home run this time. That usually happens when the outfit is inspired instead of being planned. It just simply comes together nicely without much effort. I've always tended not to mix two bold pieces in one outfit because I'm always fearful that the look will be busy and distract the eye. However, that didn't happen and I ended up really loving what I had on! The two pieces complimented each other and enhanced the other. I now feel encouraged to mix and match more of my statement pieces for a more diverse wardrobe.

Details: Choies Veiled Beanie, Oversized John Lennons, American Apparel Neon Tank, Tripp NYC Striped Skinnies, TUK Creepers

I really liked the end result but I'd love to know what you guys think of it. Let me know below if the outfit was hit or miss. I always appreciate your comments.


  1. Definitely a hit! I love pairing bright neon colours with black and white stripes. The contract is so striking.

    1. Why thank you! And yes neons are always exciting with anything else!



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