Giuseppe Zanotti

Wednesday, June 19

The picture that started it all

You guys know that a great majority of my wardrobe is inspired by what I see on tumblr. I am always on tumblr posting and reblogging pictures that I like. One day I came across a picture of these awesome sneakers.  I was instantly obsessed! I don't usually do black and gold but I absolutely died! They were the definitely in the top five on my shoes I need to have before I'm 21 list. Since then I've tumbled a few pictures here and there of them but I never took it too seriously. However, out in Vegas I ran into them about three times and I figured it must be fate!!!!! I saw them first at Saks Fifth Avenue then again  at Barneys New York and finally again in the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique so I figured I would just get them! 

I ended up not getting them from any of the stores and especially not the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique. The employees were sketchy and were inattentive; the associate helping me brought out a size 10 when I asked for an 11 and then offered me a size 12 when I told him that they didn't fit! However we did go back because I really liked them and this time a woman on the phone attended to me. She brought out the correct size but was so rude and pushy we again decided not to buy from them. Not only was the service terrible but the store was dirty. I would not buy from that store because that was not an amazing experience for shoes that average a $1200 price tag.

I instead decided to order from which I have loved for about two years now and I can't wait for them to come. I went with silver foil high top with the double gold bar. They are $995 but totally worth it because there won't be many people with the same pair!

What do you guys think about Giuseppe Zanotti shoes? I'm in love! Let me know below if you like!

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. I saw your looks on Lookbook and I must say, you have an awesome sense of style.
    The sneakers are amazing, I love the zipper details.
    See ya!


    1. Hey doll! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate it! And the sneakers are crazy!!! I can't believe it :)



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