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Wednesday, July 3

Photos Courtesy of Inverted Commas

One of my favorite things to do in my free time at home is to browse the internet and find cool things to  buy. Etsy is one of the best places to find one of a kind, cool things. In fact there's an awesome shop on  Etsy that makes the most amazing tote bags I've ever seen. Inverted Commas is the name of the store and after looking at their products I am thinking I might have to break down and buy one!

Giraffe Boy and Elephant Girl:

Giraffe Boy and Elephant Girl 2.0:

Miss Deer:

As I read through their Facebook page and Twitter I discovered Inverted Commas makes regular canvas tote bags extraordinary through original artistic illustrations. I was seriously blown away. Each  illustration has an accompanying story about how the artist created the the concept. My personal favorite, Giraffe Boy and Elephant girl, which features a man with a giraffe's head and a woman with an elephant's head, was constructed years ago. The artist claims that Giraffe boy is someone he'd like to be and the Elephant girl is his nemesis. I personally love the fact that the artist lets us in on his inspiration, it makes the product feel more wholesome.

People Wearing Inverted Commas Bags:

The bags themselves are so fun and so abstract that I think they would appeal to any and everyone. The colors are bold and the stylization wild and vivid and distinctly Parisian (which is where the shop is based), but it really feels like you're carrying an original piece of art. As we've seen art pieces function as a neutral and coordinate with everything. The edgy boy who wears platforms and harem pants, the mod girl who dresses in head to toe black and a beret, the preppy boy who wears head to toe denim and colorful trainers, or the simple girl who wears cutoffs and sandals can all make these bags into their wardrobes. Versatility is key and that's a great selling point for these.

There are currently eight unique illustrations, each going for $18.99 which is very reasonable considering you'd pay that much for a basic design from a premium retailer. Inverted Commas also ships worldwide, so anybody from anywhere can have one. These are definitely a good investment and it seems that everyone who has one has blogged about how they much love it. Perhaps in the near future I will be one of them.

For more info check out Inverted Commas links:

Online Shop

What do you guys think of the designs of their bags? Would you carry them? Let me know below! I'm really interested if anyone else agrees with me!

With Love,
Tristian <3


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