I've Got Batman's Socks

Tuesday, July 9

Attitude is a big part of wearing certain looks. You've also got to just have some fun. I've been having fun (almost too much) with my looks lately and I think it shows. I wear ridiculous things but they suit me because I'm always having a good time. These Batman socks are just that: ridiculous, and I love them.

They were a gift from a friend, who is also just as free spirited as me. And I decided that I could wear superhero paraphernalia in every day life and I did just that. I have never had more fun doing trivial everyday tasks like shopping and going to dinner than in these socks.  I must recommend a pair of these to every budding fashionista to wear on those days where you don't want to take anything seriously.

Details: Zara T-shirt, Romwe Spiked Cap, American Flag Shorts, Batman Socks, MaxStar Platform Converse

I'm signing out for today!!! :D

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. Love the look. I am a huge Marvel fan so I am very biased towards your Batman socks (DC)
    . I have a hat like that and I love your shorts.

    1. Yeah! I totally agree; I think all superhero paraphernalia can be made fashionable as long as it's just an accent. And thanks for all of your kind words, I really appreciate it!



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