My Buffalo x Solestruck 9020-2-16 Mens

Friday, July 12

Earlier I had blogged about how impressed I was with Solestruck's Manila Muscle lookbook. Then I went on about how I went on an ordering frenzy and purchased more shoes than a guy like me actually needs. Well, the shoes came in just the other day so I have to give you guys a product review!

So, the Buffalo 9020-2-16 is a what I would call a derby shoe with a platform added to the heel and toe. The platform is separated in the center and gives the shoe a very East meets West appeal. I like to think of it as a Geta Sandal combined with a Dr. Martens shoe. Overall though the combined platform height is about two inches, which isn't all that bad. What makes the 9020-2-16 even cooler is the array of colors and materials available for the design. It's available in vinyl, leather and perforated leather and blue, black, purple, white and silver. I decided on the Spechio Silver (the most expensive at $269.95) which is a cool holographic silver. It really looks great in the light and is neutral enough to wear with anything!

In terms of comfortability, these shoes get a five out of five. I've worn them everyday since I bought them on Tuesday and my feet haven't hurt once. In fact, I wore them at work for eight and a half hours and not once did my feet tire. With that in mind I think that these shoes will be a definite go to pair of shoes whenever I'm getting ready!

I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for something with a little edge without being completely over the top. Definitely give them a try in the black, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Thanks again to Solestruck x Buffalo for making great shoes that the cooler man can appreciate! We are all so thankful!

With Love,
Tristian <3


  1. Was looking at solestruck sale and saw this pair.
    Look awesome! though I find it abit shapeless(the width part), so do not have a "slimming" effect for people with wide feet. But since it's a men's shoe so it's alright.




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