My Stars and Your Stripes

Tuesday, July 23

Details: BDG Grey Beanie, TOPMAN Silver and Gunmetal Chain, H&M Navy and Red Striped Jumper, Joyrich Star Pants, Nike Leopard Spot Air Max, Swatch Random Ghost

Totally breaking away from what you guys know me for. I'm always very black and white with an overload of accessories. Well, not today. I've completely done a 180 and have brought to you the other side of Tristian. This look pretty much goes back to when I was still discovering exactly what my style was. I was experimenting with colors and themes but never had a definitive style. This look however, I was completely sure about. I wanted to be somewhat ironic by mixing a red and blue striped jumper with a my star emblazoned pants. It's very Americana and when it comes to my outfit that's about as much nationalism as you'll ever draw from me!

Signing Out,

Tristian <3



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