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Wednesday, November 14

To all my vintage lovers, wannabe retailers and readers who just appreciate finding pieces with that special quirk. I think I've found something you guys just might like. The ASOS Marketplace! It's an amazing feature to the already phenomenal ASOS shopping experience.

So, the Marketplace is a collection of "boutiques" from all around the world (Mostly Europe from what I've seen). In ASOS's words boutiques "are small businesses selling their own label, other brands or vintage collections, directly to you". That's exactly what you get, several different mini-stores with a quirky mix of vintage, repurposed, and original designs for any shopper's taste. Each boutique has it's own logo and aesthetic featuring simple, light photography that makes it easy to see exactly what you want.

Buying: Works the same as shopping on the regular ASOS site. You go through and select items you like. Just be warned as you may buying vintage or unique designs, selection is extremely limited. Also because these are small companies there are varying shipping costs that change depending on each boutique and weight of the items.

Selling: You have to apply to open a boutique. To open a boutique you must have at least fifteen items on sale at a time, you must pay a monthly of 20 (30.71) and a 20% commission on every sale, and lastly you must open a user account with a unique username and password. Selling could be a good experience, you can sell things you own just as long as you transform them!

The Marketplace is expansive and has so many boutiques with great pieces that I love. Below are my favorite boutiques and some of the pieces that I'm lusting after.

Gone Retro:
What I consider the best of the 1980s and 1990s, Gone Retro offers a slew of cute tie-dye shirts,  acid wash jeans, and Bill Cosby shirts. Stop in here if you want those pieces from the past that won't scream outdated.
We Are Hairy People:
We Are Hairy People is a cute boutique that I have spotted around LOOKBOOK and tumblr. This boutique features cute pieces that have been handpainted to perfection. The Galaxy T-shirt and The Denim Jacket are to die for!

Raven Vintage:
This boutique is so cute. It offers chunky knits and plaid shirts for warmth and a classic style. Silhouettes are kept slim, and patterns consist of Fairisle and cable knit.

This is your one stop shop for graphic tees and edgy jeans. Guys check it out.

The Happy Shack:
This is my absolute favorite shop! With studs, loud colors, loud prints and studs forever, The Happy Shack is the epitome of the 1980s. I love it!

These are just a few pieces that I will be ordering in a little while!

All in all the ASOS Marketplace is well worth your time. You'll find some great pieces that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Take some time look around and I know you'll find a boutique that you'll love. Let me know what you think of it below. Do you think ASOS is onto something?

With Love,
태현 <3


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