Outfit of the Day: Hope Within the Greyscale

Wednesday, November 14

So, I spent some time with a friend today and she inspired me to try something. Instead of a post about different fashion topics I like she suggested that I try posting some looks of myself so that my followers could actually start to visualize my personal style. Sounds like a great idea to me so here we are!

 When I woke up this morning I felt like being exposed, yet covered up. I kinda wanted a war going on my outfit. so i paired the shorts with the moto jacket and added the socks for some much needed warmth. I added the beanie for a much needed splash of color because the entire outfit was in tones of grey and black. I really liked the end result of the outfit.

The photos below were edited for me by my new photographer:

Hype this look on LOOKBOOK

This is my fabulous photographer Liz. She is amazing. I love the fact that she loves to stick out from the crowd. She just posted her first look on LOOKBOOK. Check out her page, Liz B. and hype her look.

What do you think of our looks, hit or miss?

With Love,
태현 <3


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