Winter: My Five Favorite Things

Thursday, March 7

My Five Favorite Things

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So this is a post dedicated to my top five pieces for the Fall/Winter season. For me the season has been about minimalist theme accentuated with an awesome piece that can hold all of the attention. Black and white have been my main color palettes because neutral colors are easy to coordinate.

1. Oversized White Tee

This looks good with practically everything and what I consider to be the most versatile of my favorites. I personally wear an oversized white tee with everything; leather pants, leather jackets, leggings, cut-off shorts, a tuxedo etc. I think in most of my looks you'll catch me in one because I have that much love for them. You can find one anywhere, my personal favorite one is from Nasty Gal and I got it for 28.00USD.

2. Waxed Jeans

Now these are a new obsession of mine. They've been around for a few seasons but I've only now taken interest in them. I have a fetish for leather; leather jackets, leather pants, leather t-shirts and leather shoes. However real leather can be expensive and although I am perfect content with wearing vegan leather, it is hard to come by in menswear. Waxed jeans are, in my opinion, the vegan leather equivalent in menswear. They look almost as amazing as real leather but at many times 2/3 of the cost. I wear them exactly as I wear my leather pants but, I tend to favor them because they can be washed whereas maintenance of real leather can become quite expensive. My black pair are from H&M and I think they were like 50.00USD which is less than half of what I payed for my two pairs of leather pants. I also have a 7 For All Mankind pair from Bloomingdale's that I got for around 150USD.

3. Spiked Loafers

These are also something I've recently discovered and I wear them practically all the time. Now what I love about loafers is that they easily dress up and easily dress down. If I am going out to a nice dinner or a date, I throw them on with slim fit black slacks, a cream sweater, and black blazer or I am meeting up with friends I will do a patterned button-up, waxed jeans, a trench coat and wide brim hat. The spikes only better represent me because I hate blending in and being completely basic, so they give me a bit of edginess. Now, I own the Unif Hellraisers in Black/Silver, but there are many more color combinations and many different brands offer their interpretation. I got mine from for 164.95USD. Check out the site, you'll find some interesting shoes.

4. Oversized John Lennon's

Since I started working for Sunglass Hut I have become a sunglass aficionado. I shop for sunglasses every time I go shopping because I am always curious to see what I can find. I have tried many styles including, an Armani Shield, a Dolce & Gabbana turquoise modified Wayfarer, and my mother's Fred Lunette beaded shield but, I find that my John Lennon sunglasses fit me the best. They have a very "I don't give a f*ck" attitude that I love. They go great with any outfit including a suit, or jeans and a t-shirt because they add an extra bit of flair. You will always catch me in mine with a wide-brim hat on. Mine are Quay which is a relatively inexpensive brand that has a wide range of fun and quirky shades. Mine were on sale at Nordstrom for 20USD.

5. Beanie

A Beanie completes any outfit. Literally, any outfit. A beanie offers no limitation. It looks great with pants, shorts, leather, denim, casual, or formal. I wear a beanie almost everyday. They are warm and for me compliment my relaxed attitude. I am the kind of person who likes to nice but at they same time I don't give it too much effort. Beanies are the ultimate accessory and I like that they are functional and stylish at the same time. At the moment I have two beanies that I alternate between. A grey slouchy one and a black Jil Sander Veil inspired one that is really avant garde. They were 15USD and 40USD respectively.

Well that is my top five for this season. Expect to see one later on this month because spring is fast approaching! Let me know what you guys feel is your top five pieces for the winter season.

With Love Always,
Tae Hyeon ♡



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