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Thursday, July 18

All Photos Courtesy of Drmartens.com

I really love spikes and I also really love Dr. Martens shoes. Both together is like heaven built into British footwear. I currently own two pairs of Dr. Martens and I'm hoping that by next week I'll have three. The only part holding me back is the decision making process. I've got a black pony hair boot with leopard spots and a metallic pewter shoe, so the question becomes this time; boot or shoe? I've narrowed it down to four options. Let's compare them.

First up is SPIKE:

Spike is the classic 1460 boot in black. It features full studs on a smooth black leather canvas. SPIKE started my cravings for studded shoes and rightfully so! These are awesome and so perfectly me. SPIKE retails for $350.

Next up is HARLEN:

HARLEN is the shoe version of SPIKE. Again featuring the simple black leather and complete studding. HARLEN is a great edition to any wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down but still retains that awesome punk and free spirited vibe. HARLEN retails for $250

Next we have DAI:

What caught my attention about DAI is the awesome play on the black and white trend. Dai is the 1460 boot with black leather but, it features white crystal suede on the toe and the heel with the studs accented on the both. What i like about DAI is that it feels like what a modern day Greaser or Beatnik would wear. DAI retails for $180

Last but not least is BAXTER:

Last we have BAXTER, who is cousin to DAI. Like HARLEN is the shoe version of SPIKE, DAI is the shoe version of HARLEN. DAI reminds me of an inverse Brogue with spikes and I love that! BAXTER totally has that awesome retro feel to it and would pair well with most things. BAXTER retails for $160.

Decisions, decisions. If you guys were me, which would you choose? With Dr. Martens there really isn't a wrong choice. Leave me a comment letting me know which ones you love the most!

Signing out,
Tristian <3


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