Time in Mourning

Tuesday, March 19

I have to say I'm grateful that spring is coming. Even though spring is when I get the sickest. Even though winter fashion is, in my personal opinion, the most fashionable the cold weather gets me depressed. I also hate the fact that all my jackets are at home so I can't look stylish.

This outfit was thrown together in a matter of minutes. I was getting ready to go my accounting class and I couldn't figure out what to wear. The weather is getting nicer so the obnoxiously large coats are no longer necessary. So i grabbed this electric blue blazer that I got on Fifth Avenue and decided I had to go from there. The blazer for me represents the changing of seasons, where colors are more than appropriate and a light jacket is all you need. A pulled a white t-shirt with a studded collar to go with it because I always white t-shirts and then decided why not wear the pants I wore to prom. Black harem pants that I have worn in a previous look that I absolutely love. To finish off the look I added my Hellraiser loafers and my Jil Sander inspired beanie. I think this added the drama that I always look for in an outfit, that wow piece.

I'm wearing:
Jil Sander Inspired Veiled Beanie
H&M Electric Blue Blazer
Zara Skull Brocade Tee
Deepstyle Pleated Harem Pants
Unif Hellraiser

The end result of the look was something that I really liked and it showed in the way that I strutted to and from classes. A lot of people stopped me because they were in awe by the fact that my beanie had a veil attached to it. This was one of my favorite outfits. In these pictures I changed the t-shirt to the skull though because I did not take the other one home for winter break!! Let me know what you guys think of this look, was it overkill?

With Love,
Tae Hyeon ♡



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