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Monday, November 19

When it comes to fashion, I am constantly looking to update myself. Although I believe that I am fairly stylish, and that I have a unique point of view when it comes to expressing myself through my clothing, there are times when I get stuck. I mean like I can't decide what I want to wear and where my style is really going. Although I always want to be completely original I understand that sometimes I need help. There are people who I look to to help redefine what I like and what I am willing to do when it comes to my personal style.
Leebo Freeman:

This gorgeous gent here is Leebo Freeman. He is a fashion model and full-time hottie. Leebo models for brands like Thierry Mugler, Jeremy Scott (who I worship), Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, and DSQUARED2. I love the brands he works with as each brand symbolizes independence and individuality. Leebo to me symbolizes the carefree attitude of the 90s anitfashion movement. You'll always see Leebo in graphic tees and slim fitting jeans, stone or acid wash. 
Rita Ora:

I love Rita Ora's style. She to me is one of the best dressed women in the music business right now. Like the UK is known for, Ora represents the high street. Always looking as if she just threw her clothes together (even though I know she spent a lot of time with her stylist). Ora mixes designer brands like Chanel and Burberry with eccentric street Brands like TOPSHOP and Joyrich. Ora can always be found in bold prints and/or colors and most always trendy separates.

My favorite Korean in terms of style and personality. G-Dragon is  the leader and frontman of the explosively successful R&B/Hip-Hop group Big Bang. G-dragon has been spotted in many styles over his  six year career and I personally have loved all of them. G-Dragon always pushes the boundaries of men's fashion. He has had every hair color imaginable (literally) and is always borrowing pieces from the ladies. G-Dragon has worn skirts, wedges, and lipstick yet always seems cool. He is the one who always moves me to color my hair odd colors! 
Willow Smith:

My favorite little Fireball, Willow smith is definitely one of the youngest fashionistas in the United States. Willow is truly a risk-taker and marches to her own beat. Her debut as a singer saw very sweet, girly looks with high colorful converse sneakers, and cotton candy colored hair extensions. Now that she has developed a more grunge sense of style. Willow's signature has become leggings, loose shirts and cool shoes (platforms or combats). Willow pushed me to start trying things that people wouldn't like, such as wearing leggings and rocking a colorful cropped cut!

All in all, my style muses move to the beat of their own drum. Each person has tailored their looks to fit their own personal style while still maintaing a fashionable edge. I have taken inspiration from each person and mixed it with my own tastes and have come up with my own style. Emulating them has pushed me to move away from the safe styles of the majority and to try and stand out from the crowd.

Who are your style muses?
With Love,
태현 <3


  1. Wow you pretty much have my same style muses! But I tend to also get inspired by bloggers and anything that attracts me (and believe me, it can pretty much be any kind of thing!^^).
    By the way just found your blog and I love it, keep rocking! ^^
    If you want to check my blog out, it's


    1. Thank you for stopping in! I really appreciate your comments!

  2. Awesome inspiration!



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