Big Bang's TaeYang: Newest Fashion Icon

Saturday, July 13

It seems Korean boy band, Big Bang, has a new fashionista. Although G-Dragon is widely known for his daring looks and designer clothing, it appears that our tiny vocalist and powerhouse dancer, Taeyang is also making a name for himself as a fashionista.

Taeyang was invited to Paris Fashion Week 2014 (front row at Kenzo!!!) and as a result has been popping up on esteemed websites like GQ and Women's Wear Daily for his notable fashion sense. As a person who is familiar with both K-pop and Korean Fashion, this comes as no surprise to me (although the permed mohawk is very G-Dragon circa 2009). K-pop definitely tends to promote a very trendy image, and Koreans in general are very well dressed most of the time due to the country's obsession with appearance.

It's definitely nice to see other members of the group having the chance to be appreciated as individuals. I've loved Taeyang's style since I found out he had my Versace pants on in the Blue music video.  Hopefully Taeyang's recognition as a fashion icon will help to show people that there is more to South Korea than catchy, flashy music. Check out some of the article of Taeyang here: Women's Wear Daily, GQ, Buzzfeed.

Photos Courtesy of GQ

You've definitely got to let me know what you guys think of Taeyang's style. Also let me know if you're familiar with K-Pop
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